Cranston Country Newspaper Press 19th Cent.

Cranston Country Press, circa 1870s, was working at National Braille Press in Boston until I removed it several years ago. They used it to print Braille playing cards, inking parts were removed long ago. Press was on the second floor and slated to be scrapped unless removed. This is a large heavy press. Footprint is roughly 4’x6’ I would guess that it weighs a couple of tons.

I spent considerable time, energy and money, disassembling, and rigging this out of the building. Press was cleaned and primed and has been in storage for several years. On 3 pallets and the base is on rollers. Needs reassembly, but it is not a very complicated machine. There are only a few Cranston Presses still in existence. I don’t know of any of these “small” country presses. $2500 as it sits. Will consider donation to a non-profit organization. Located in a storage unit in northern Rhode Island.

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