C+P Pilot Press Pricing

Hi everyone! I am planning to sell my chandler and price pilot press. She’s in great shape. I was curious as to what the standard asking price for this press is. This is such a great beginner press I don’t want to ask too much for those who want to get their feet wet. From memory it’s from the late 19th century (1800’s). I attached a photo of her. I can post more photos is needed. Thank you for your insight and assistance!

image: 24BE4711-5610-44C2-BA84-FE02D09BCE07.jpeg


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Ballpark is probably about $1000 if you want it to move pretty quickly. They’ve sold for much more in the past (up to $5000) but prices for letterpress equipment across the board seem a little depressed. Unless you’re talking about Vandercooks.


Thanks Brad - I’m not in any rush. I paid over 3,000. It has new rollers, a feed tray, a boxcar base. It’s in great shape. I’d like to get back what it should go for. Thanks!

Where are you located? Geography plays a big part in asking price. Here in Iowa you’d be looking at $1000 or so… and maybe would find a buyer in Chicago for a little more than that. If you’re on either coast you may find you are able to get 2 times that amount.


The earlier Pilot press had “PILOT” case in the back cross bar as shown in this picture. Steve

image: back arm1.jpg

back arm1.jpg