In the news: Howard Iron Works Printing Museum

Not quite CNN “Breaking News” - but we thought we share this with you:

Thanks everyone.

Liana Howard
Howard Iron Works Printing Museum

image: HowardIronWorksMuseum2.jpg


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Very well done, very well said. Attention to the details. I hope someday to make it up your way and shake your hand personally for a job well done!!!! I will also try not to drool on any of the press!!!! THANKS!!! Steve - Liberty Press

WOW! Too cool. I hope to make a trip to Canada soon.

To have restored so many different types of presses has certainly given you insight that few others know. Your presentation of such a wide array of printing machinery, tools & supplies is uniquely different from other types of museums. While places such as the Smithsonian have mothballed their collections, and other museums primarily present a story, I sense that your museum adds to the publics’ knowledge of how these machines were actually manufactured, in addition to their use.
Hope to visit someday. Till then, I would enjoy seeing some videos or pictures posted to your website of the unusual items kept in your cases and along the walls.

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. We hope to see you all one day soon.

Liana Howard
Howard Iron Works Printing Museum