Heidelberg 10x15 windmill impression handle problem

Hello everyone,

I was working today on the 10x15 T-platen when I had a little accident. The job I was running had very heavy coverage which required the mighty little machine to operate at near maximum impressive strength. The run quantity was large so I had the speed up to about 3,500 IPH which is much faster than I normally run. I engaged the machine, started the feed then pulled the impression lever out …..but I did not get it all the way into the locked position in time and BANG! I broke part number T 1706 “spherical piece”.

So I have a few questions: Does anyone here have one of these for sale? And how do I remove the impression handle to install a replacement?

Thank you very kindly in advance for any help!

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Never mind, I just fixed it! The C clip was forced off. Thanks just the same.