Wisconsin Auction of Letterpress Equipment Ends Soon!

Here is a link to an online auction of letterpress equipment in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin that ends Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 6 pm central time.

2 Cutters, 2 presses (one Kluge 12x18 w/chases, one C&P 10x15 with Kluge Auto Feeder and chases), another group includes Type cabinet with vintage wood composing stone/table. Lots of furniture and reglets, etc.

Type is standard: 18 & 30 pt. Goudy Bold, some Century, 14 pt. Bernhard Fashion, 18 & 24 pt. Flash, and some other misc. but not ornate. About 3 or 4 cases are empty. Type is quite complete but you may have to break apart some small set type to put back into cases.

I’ve seen the presses and cutters work…they have been in a heated building and all look equipment looks solid.

Pick up dates are flexible from what I was told.


Look for the Print Shop Auction (2nd one listed) to see the pics and bid. This is not my equipment, I just saw it advertised.

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