Seeking Letterpress Partner

This is not a job; it is a want advertisement for a partner.

The shop is very well equipped for letterpress, I have all the equipment required; everything needed to go from client design, on to printing, then to finishing.

~Two Power Vandercooks (Universal Series), a Heidelberg Platen, and a handled platen.
~In house platemaking: A&V Photopolymer platemaker, and film output.

~Great Computer controlled back gauge cutter capable of dividing full sheets in either direction.

~Great stock of inks and items required to color match- scales, ink mixing slabs, all the required items.

I have not been actively marketing letterpress in a commercial sense; I’m more of an art printer and make a good living doing this, but I often look at the idle equipment and think “If I paired with someone interested in this, I think it could generate some profitable business”.

~I’m looking for someone who would be interested in starting a new business without needing to do the equipment/location legwork. I’ve already done that!
By coming in on the shop with me, most of all marketing services, and then splitting duties of pre-press, printing, and finishing, you would be able to have a letterpress shop without the risk of acquiring and evaluating equipment, location, space, etc.

Interested parties need only reply to this ad. I will openly discuss terms with applicants, this is a risk free endeavor which would begin with a face to face meeting.

NYC is a big market; I simply do not have time to market to the commercial printing needs of the city, as I’m in a more niche art-printing area.

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