Cropper Charlton Franklin Crown proofing press

I thought my modified proofing press was a Funditor (see photos)…….but recently I have seen photos of Cropper Charlton Franklin proofing presses (see brochure page) and realised that I am probably mistaken. The main reason for my confusion is that the brass roller side pieces have been recast at some stage in its life. However the bed size matches the Cropper Charlton Franklin Crown Style B with adjustable bed.
Does anyone have any information or brochures on these proofing presses please?

image: CropperCharlton1.JPG


image: CropperCharlton2.JPG


image: Franklinproofpress.jpg


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I have discovered another brochure (undated but probably about the 1950s). I suspect I need an earlier publication….

image: BrochureFranklin.jpg


Does anyone have this booklet by any chance please?

image: Brochure.jpg