Goudy Franciscan Type

This is a long shot as I think I might have secured the last of this font from Dale Guild some years back -BUT - does anyone have any lower case remnants of this type face? I will consider slightly worn type (but not unusable).
I am happy to meet the cost of P&P to Australia and pay a fair price for the type.
Any leads would help. I am also considering digital typesetting - does anyone know if the lower case for this type was ever made as a digital font?
Many thanks. Ron

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Try contacting Alan Waring, who had 16-point Franciscan lower-case fonts several years ago, from Rehak’s castings. See:
for contact information.

Dave Greer

Duplicate posting.

Thanks for that.
I think I cleaned Alan out of Franciscan all those years ago.
I had a look at his store and couldn’t see any reference to Franciscan.