Vandercook 219AB

Selling our Vandercook 219AB - Adjustable Bed

Sad to see this go, we haven’t had it very long but our shop is too busy with production right now and unfortunately we can’t focus on workshops and poster printing right now.

It’s a beautiful press that works great. It was cleaned up by a shop in a Florida and then bought by a letterpress shop in Brooklyn, NY and they used it for several years before we got it. It’s very clean.

It’ll come with brand new rollers, die-cut tympan sheets and a large boxcar base

Boxcar Base - 17x22”

The wood feed tables are like new and look great. Motor is in good shape and runs smoothly.

Maximum form: 18 × 24″; maximum sheet: 19 ¾ × 26″

Press footprint is approx - 3’x11’

This has the adjustable bed which is a really nice feature and makes for fast makeready.

I’m asking $15,000.00 OBO. Buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses and arrangements.

It cost around $850.00 to ship from New York to Kansas City. Just for a ballpark.

A video can be seen here -

Click on the website below to see more photos of the press.

Feel free to ask any questions, I’m happy to answer anything.

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