“The Whitlock” - looking for Dick G!

After setting up the 1896 Whitlock press and trying to get timing right etc. (removal of drive gears by others - still guessing timing mark alignment) I still haven’t gotten it right. I’ve heard there might be an expert or two out there.

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Richard Goodwin I believe is who your looking for.
Basically he moved to living off the grid.
Sometimes he calls me, but not often.
He doesn’t get on the internet, because there isn’t any.
He also told me he has no desire to be on the internet.
I would have suggested that you marked things before taking it apart. But I am sure you did.

Thanks Theo. Frank Curran here. Yes, I’m all about marking before any disassembly! When I got the press, the drive shaft (and attached gears - inboard and outboard) had already been removed. One of the guys who helped load the press said Richard Goodwin is the guy I’m looking for also.
Will continue looking for someone who has a notion about how this press runs. The outboard drive gear runs the cylinder and grippers etc.- most of the paper handling. The inboard gear runs the reciprocating table and a few small things. I think we are good with the outboard gear- timing marks are lined up. The inboard drive gear and it’s mate have numerous timing marks made at different times. I think it’s a matter of finding which set of timing marks on the interior gears provides the proper synchronization.

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