Chandler & Price 6.5 x 10 Pilot Old Style with type

condition: good
make / manufacturer: Chandler & Price
model name / number: Pilot 6.5 x 10

Selling as a set. I used this press for 2 art projects and have returned to my standard art practice.

Old Style Chandler & Price 6.5 x 10” press. It pre-dates C&P serial numbers; manufactured Cir. 1880-1910. In good working order and has been stored at my studio high and dry. I’m a artist that purchased this on a fabulous whim a few years ago and enjoyed restoring it. I specifically chose not to repaint it; she is clean and well oiled.

It deserves a studio or letterpress hobbyist who wants the durability and legendary quality of a C&P.

I replaced the rollers, trucks, roller springs, and the chase (which was missing when I purchased it). I took off a century of gunky motor oil and rust. Based on the condition when I purchased it, it may have been used in a school to teach letterpress.

What you’ll get:
- An 6.5 x 10” Old Style C&P press
- New rollers
- New roller trucks
- Hi-speed quoin key and 2 quoins
- Counter
- Furniture and Reglets
- Type High gauge
- Pica ruler
- 20 compete sets of type/font
- Six 7.5 x 15.5” California job cases - no cabinet
- Five 16.5 x 21.75” California job cases - no cabinet
- Eight 16.5 x 32.5 California job cases - no cabinet
- 3 brand new books on letterpress: “Letterpress Printing” by Paul Maravelas, “General Printing” by Cleeton,
Pitkin and Cornwell, and “A 21st-century guide to the Leterpress Business ” by Marty Brown (which has some practical tips on tweaking the platen height and general press maintenance).

Please see the Craigslist ad for photos.

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