M-711 Line-O-Scribe Roller

Howdy. See attached please. I assume that this roller should not look like this? There is no play in the carriage. Any recommendations for adjusting this would be appreciated.


image: LineOScribe_Roller_Detail.jpg


image: Small_LineOScribe_Press1.jpg


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It shouldn’t look like that. Originally it would just be a straight cylinder of rubber on the exterior of the roller, no indentations. I have 2 of these presses, and one shows a little sign of this starting to happen. As the pressure is not adjustable (the bearings that run on the bottom of the press keep the roller at type high when going over type, these grooves would just cause the roller to have a little up/down wiggle room-causing it to drop slightly below type high in the non-printing areas.

As long as you clean the runners where the rollers go, and give it a polish, the brass will just shine with some elbow grease! You shouldn’t have many issues printing. you could get the roller recovered, but that may be more challenge than its worth.

Thanks for the info Sean. Also, there is a plastic sheet on the bed of the press. Is that necessary? It is peeling up on one end.


You’re welcome!
I took mine off, and put a piece of card in its place. Easier to replace if it gets dirty! I have sometimes placed a piece or two of paper between the roller and my paper to be printed to even out a couple blemishes that are on my roller, so they don’t translate into the print.