Free Letterpress Equipment

Free Letterpress Equipment! Well, nothing in the world is free but here are some things that don’t require a set payment. Yes, you have to make a trip into the mountains of Colorado and make a donation to the local historical society and maybe do a little work loading the items, but that’s FREE if you really want something.

The Silverton Standard and the Miner (1875) is Western Colorado’s oldest continuously published newspaper and likely the oldest continuous business on the Western Slope. In 2009, it was given to the San Juan County Historical Society and operates as a for-profit subsidiary of that non-profit organization.

In 2016, the contents of the building which had been the operational headquarters of the newspaper for over 50 years were given to the society. The paper had been published letterpress in the building from the early 1950s until 1973 when it was converted to offset reproduction.
Letterpress production of commercial printing continued until 1990 when a new owner discontinued that part of the operation.

The letterpress equipment sat unused from that time until the aforementioned donation. In May of 2017, three larger pieces of equipment from the shop were moved to a display area of the Society’s museum: a Linotype machine, a 1830s Hoe drum cylinder press, and an Acme Gem paper cutter. Two stands of type are yet to be moved.

Briefly, here is what is left (and I may forget something) heavy weight stitcher that uses rolls of wire. Boston I think but not sure; two large linotype magazine racks, one the swing away type, the other a static straight rack, Ludlow, older model, Elrod with a nice tool kit and a box full of molds, a dozen or so linotype magazine with mats, although I haven’t inspected them so can’t comment on their usability. They have been sitting on a wet floor. If you want them for use, that’s ok, otherwise the Society will scrap the brass. Two stands of Ludlow mats, a Portland Punch, a melt furnace set up for propane, and other smaller items like a bunch of Ludlow sticks (no self-centering), a 10 x 15 C&P with variable speed motor (untested). Also, and the largest item, is a black ball windmill. I purchased it from Windsor, Colorado in the late 1970s and ran it very little during the ensuing ten years. It was covered over in 1990 and has not been run since. It could have some minor damage from having been moved to the back of the shop a few years ago but I was unable to get good enough access to complete determine what might be wrong with the press at this point. If you have always wanted a windmill, need one for parts, or whatever, the price is right!

I have pictures of much of this, please email me if interested and we can talk about how to get it and I can send the pictures.

Please note, the C&P and the Windmill have been spoken for. If either deal falls through I will repost.

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IMG_3752 (1).JPG