Lifting a Vandy 215 (4)

So excited to be finally about to print on my Vandy 215 (similar to #4) when I discovered that the movers had left the sliders under the feet of the press and the sliders are now interfering with the gripper pedal. I was all set to slightly lift that one side with a car jack, but all I had was a scissors jack, which I have used in the past for slight lifts, etc. But this one is not up to the task. My electrician suggested a low profile hydraulic car jack. I just need to lift the press enough to shift the sliders over a bit to give clearance for the pedal. Found one for less than $50 at Walmart. Any thoughts?

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Forgot to mention that I moved my entire home and studio to a new location in August, with the goal of finally having a print shop/studio that is climate controlled. However, since I teach fulltime this is the first chance I have had to print so I’m making a combo We’ve Moved/Happy Holidays card. Too many things that were packed up are still missing in action, but that is for another discussion…

If you want to lift the press only a little bit, true temper make “pinch point” pry bars - they come in various lengths including 60” and 66” - the cost is less than $50 - this should do the job with not a lot of effort i would get the longest one.

good luck


Thanks! I have used pry bars in the past, but since this press is on a wood floor (and the pry bar might damage it) I decided to go for the floor jack, thinking it would be handy to have around the shop. Found an inexpensive low profile jack at Walmart, and It did the trick nicely. The movers had left two sliders under each foot, but the press was not quite level, so in addition to moving the sliders out of the way of the gripper pedal, I removed one and leveled the press, too.