San Antonio TX printers & book artists?

Hi everyone! I’m a book artist who just moved to San Antonio from the Bay Area and seeking some fellow book arts buddies, and if anyone knows of any shared studio space/presses available for rent/use in the area?

I know there’s a community in Austin, but am hoping to find something closer. I live in San Antonio and currently work in San Marcos at BookLab2.

My work is on or on Instagram @coyoteboneskeri. I’m eager to hear from anyone with some recommendations! Thanks! :)

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Howdy Keri and welcome to Texas. With a username like CoyoteBonesKeri you will fit it just fine. One resource I would suggest contacting is the Southwest School of Art there in San Antonio. Eléonore Lee, 210.200.8255 or [email protected]. I am in Arlington near Fort Worth.


Thanks Tony! I will check them out

B.A.T Printmaking Club at UTSA
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They will have a steamroller prints coming up soom