What type of wood are cabinets made from?

Was full of lead spacing which went all over the floor and will be great fun sorting back into sizes. It had been sitting on a dirt floor and has rotted through at the base. I’m hoping to repair it as I like old. Worst case I remake it from new timber.

I’m wonder what they are usually made from as this is not a local timeber.

image: CE7C2F3C-D1D0-492C-B974-DAA6C444EB8F.jpeg


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Probably Beech, Oak, or similar being Hardwoods, or any straight grained hardwood, (preferably from known sustainable forest,s) try to avoid Mahogany, which is being slaughtered at a very rapid rate. Illegal logging mostly.
Slats/shelves from 5 ply (or better) laminate at least.

Builders damp course under any new free standing cabinet, perhaps, and with a potentially top heavy item, base and top bracing and formers from min. 3 x 3” timbers, bolted through with at least 10 m/m studding rods , and possibly braced at the back with steel straps in *X* format.
Good Luck.

Most all Hamilton cabinets are made of Ash - not oak as most folks think.


Did you say “…worst case…”?!

YES!!!!!!! Michael is absolutely correct. Ash is what was used by Hamilton to make almost all of their furniture and accessories. It is a hardwood with beautiful grain and is commonly mistaken for Oak. The basic reason they used it is that ash was much more plentiful than oak in northern Wisconsin.


I’ll have to try and find an Australian equivalent to American Ash thanks.