H.B. Rouse Cutter

I have the same cutter as in the cut attached. Mine is missing the hooked round bar that runs out the top.

Can anyone provide some photos and dimensions so I can make a replacement one please?

image: IMG_6373[12910].jpg


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Does this help? Just google Rouse lead and rule cutter. It is an extension piece to back cut longer lead spacing.

image: RouseCutter.jpg


image: Rouse Cutter.jpg

Rouse Cutter.jpg

image: 10602-1.jpg


That’s a different version again. It has a cast iron end, the one in the photo is just a bent rod. Otherwise it looks the same from what I can see.

I not sure of that. It looks like a bent rod and maybe it is but I think it may have preformed the same function. Sorry for the multiple images.

Here is a better view of your image.

image: New Image.jpg

New Image.jpg