CTP Options for Letterpress?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on the availability of any sort of CTP options for letterpress? I have seen low cost laser-printer based options for offset printers, and was wondering if anything similar existed for letterpress.

Our business has access to a lasercutter, and we had high hope for just burning our printing plates (well, blocks really). However we have found the cleanliness of the engraved edges, especially with small type, to be unacceptable.

Other than outsourcing our platemaking, which would eat heavily into our profits. Are there any other options? Is computer to film to plate the only way?

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[This thread probably belongs in the Digital Letterpress section.]

At this point, computer to film to plate it is the only way.

I have not yet seen CTP where the specific plate requirements for letterpress (photopolymer) have been considered, though they are certainly in place for various flexographic applications.

When and if, this will change the dynamics of distribution quite a bit. CTP has certainly been touted as eliminating the gain associated with film. But the machines are prohibitively expensive. And the plates still need to be processed through the “traditional” means (with the minor added step of burning through the laser etched layer).