Kelsey Excelsior 3x5 Question

Hi! I just recently purchased my first press, a Kelsey Excelsior 3x5 Mercury Model. It looks to be missing a chase & chase bed (as well as rollers but I knew those would be missing upon purchase). As I am a complete beginner with this, I’m uncertain if I’m right about the missing chase and if it’s needed with this model or not. I had read a post on this site about doing some sort of makeshift setup with a 3/4” for the plates, but again I am such a beginner I have no idea! Any help would be greatly appreciated - also if anyone knows where I can purchase a chase/chase bed for this model please let me know ! Pics posted:)

image: Untitled-1.jpg


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Try alan at excelsior press, Just google excelsior press and it should pop up. Good luck Jerry at The Four Dogs Press