5x8 Craftsman Press

I have a 5x8 Craftsman letterpress for sale. I am asking $1,000. I was attempting to refurbish it but life has gotten in the way. The press comes along with things I’ve gathered over the last two years including … a newly fabricated feed board which was created by tandtpress , new rollers from Todd’s Press, and Hemple Style Key, Wickersham quoins and key,Line Gauge, Kort pins, Furniture and Reglets, and Tympan purchased from Andrew Churchman.

I’ve read the forums and searched high and low to gather the materials I needed and am sad to see Stella (her nickname) go but it’s time.

Buyer must be willing to pick up in the Atlanta, GA area.

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image: Craftsman.jpg


image: Rollersandaccesories.jpg