Saroglia Proofing Press

I have a Saroglia Torino Proofing press size/model AO
I´m wondering if anyone can help out with dimensions, thickness and material of the infeed tray?

Also need photos & sizes of the main wooden handle please.

image: F0FDB549-DC52-48CD-8F7B-AF2C56EBA8C1.jpeg


image: AA0E2A1C-B9D4-4A38-A1C3-CB123E46E92E.jpeg


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Started the restorations.

image: 0E393FD7-743B-47D9-91B4-C7C7A443D6BF.jpeg


Cleaned before & after.

image: 48233EDC-231C-4A61-810D-197CE08F678B.jpeg


image: 253071BB-1148-4645-A1A1-C1CACB23229E.jpeg


A few possibilities that may, or may not, be of use ! apologies if the later applies.
For Your feed (feed or delivery) generally in both cases the thickness of the material will be governed by 2 slots that carry the material used, back and front, & the width of the material used will again, usually be governed by the distance apart of the side stanchions to involve a sliding fit.? usually with 2 positive stops, to enable the feed to reach the point where Grippers or a *Lay* edge would work.
The material for the feed board could be, one of several bearing in mind the width of the fitting(s)

Aluminium Chequer plate, (with the Chequers face down) makes for very strong and can be drilled and tapped to incorporate simple side lays for feeding !

Paxolin sheet (as used for circuit boards etc.) very light very strong and lends itself to accepting stuck on Lay Guages.
For a really beautiful, authentic, original look *Teak* or *Mahogany* timber, fitted across the grain for strength (of course) waxed, to show off the Grain.!

9 m/m, Oak faced Plywood, (waxed)

10 m/m, Perspex, sheet.!

If money is no object, even Brass sheet as feed-board ?

(AUTHORS OWN) Table Top proof-press, fitted with Brass feed board incorporating movable side lay to align the stock with the simple grippers, and the delivery board is a piece of *Sapele* from a redundant office desk.


Generally feed boards only slightly longer than the length of the circumference of the impression cylinder. ! !

Perhaps if You receive no info re, THE handle, the machine being (probably) Italian would expect to see a Beautiful Turned, Pear shaped, 2 tone, waxed handle, with brass rings for and aft, from at least >Lignum Vitae<.

Apologies for potential rubbish, but Good Luck. Mick U.K.