Craftsman Superior 6.5x10 tabletop press

Craftsman Superior 6.5x10, Old Style tabletop press

Press was refurbished for me by a professional in the industry. I used for a year or two but it has been sitting gaining dust for about the same amount of time. Original platen bolts were difficult to work with, but I have replaced all four with brand new bolts, so it should work like a dream now.

Asking $2,500 OBO
Buyer to arrange pickup; I am willing to drive 1.5 to 2 hours to hand off.

Brand new platen bolts, plus two extras (these were relatively difficult to come by due to the age of the machine)
Feeder tray
One (1) chase
Handle can be installed on either left or right side
Rollers (approx. 3 years old)
Roller gauge
Boxcar base, deep relief (5x8.5)
Kort adjustable quad guides (qty: 3 individual pins with instructions)
Henry compressible gauge pins (qty: 9)
Variety of wood furniture
12 pt. Caslon Old Style type
Small variety of inks you can try out and see if they’re still workable. :)
Printer’s apron
Can thrown in a variety of paper I have, too.

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