Ultrasound cleaners

Has anybody used an ultrasound-cleaning unit (such as is used to clean jewelry, small metal parts etc.) for cleaning type? I have been given a quantity of type that is in good shape but has lain untouched in the cases for 37 years, so, as you can imagine, it’s pretty dusty and dirty. Seemed like the ultrasound machine might work, but I don’t want to nick or damage the type. Anyone’s experience helpful; thanks!

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Yes, and the machines work very well. It has been discussed several times in the past on Briarpress. Here is one link:


Make sure you do the final step, which is to add a thin layer of oil to the type as the cleaner does such a good job, the type might corrode.


image: Clean type.JPG

Clean type.JPG

Thanks, Dan, and thanks for the link! Very helpful…..