storage and rust questions with showcard signmaster

so, I acquired this showcard signmaster that was…significantly heavier than I was hoping, and there is just no way I’m going to move it to either of the upstairs or downstairs locations I had intended to plant it. Now I’m sort of stressing about where to put this thing, as moving it is not easy. There is a covered carport, where it could at least be shielded from incoming rain and such. is there any possible way that something like this could survive in a space like that with basic tending to, oiling it down or something? or would i basically have to build a whole heated enclosure to keep it from being devoured by rust? I live in the pacific northwest

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Way back and often by force of circumstances been obliged to protect and store Printing equipment in draughty (Farmers) Barns, Cart Lodges, Stalls, Loose boxes etc., simply coated the entire Machines with ordinary Car/Auto body protective under-seal. - i.e. Waxoyl/Tetroseal/Finnegans etc., (apologies U.K. brands) but WAX based. !
Generously painted on. layered on, etc., it, the wax oil congeals and forms a semi-permanent protective skin.
Where possible or practical with the feet of the machine lifted and supported just a few inches above the surface of the hard stand(ing). - Sheeted down with Tarpaulin or similar, BUT specifically with spacer,s to stop the Tarp actually touching high points of the Machine, using scraps of polystyrene, ex packing material etc.

If the Rollers have to be left on, they (the rollers) covered with Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and we have ! for long term storage, in adverse conditions simply wound the rollers, (with Vaseline) and ordinary medical use bandages.

IF possible or practical, on an occasional basis the Tarp removed for inspection, to *Air* the Machine, + Not cheap? but a few small sachets of >Silica Gel< under the Tarp, can always be dried out. !

Good Luck. Mick. U.K.

I wouldn’t store it outside. But if you have to I would suggest Fluid Film lanolin based, I use it a lot. They sell it at most auto parts stores. Spray can. Remove the motor and rollers if possible.

thanks so much! I know this really isn’t ideal, but definitely encouraging advice in the meantime.