Equipment - 10x15 Windmill, C&P Craftsman Foiler

10x15 Windmill (no lockouts) in great condition. Rollers good, everything works as it should. Clean, great shape. Wired for 240V single phase. Prints great. $2,000 OBO

12x18 C&P Craftsman hand fed. Converted to foil with Goldboss unit (which will also fit Kluge). Has inking arms and disc included as well as rollers. Current Watlow PID and electronics, die jacket. Bushing on drive side is worn badly but otherwise is clean and prints great. $1,800 OBO

Can connect you with shipper that can deliver in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma or surrounding areas.

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image: Windmill 1.jpg

Windmill 1.jpg

image: Windmill 2.jpg

Windmill 2.jpg

image: CP1.jpg