Vandercook No. 1 (1930s proofing press) $500

This is for a Vandercook No. 1. It can be (and is) disassembled for moving purposes, which is good because it’s over 200 lbs. all together.

It’s a functional printing press which has been used recently but has been dormant for the past year. We are moving and have access to a few other presses that serve our needs better, so we have decided to sell this one.

It could use a little cleaning up, but you’ll have it up and running in no time.

Here’s a description from the Vandercook catalog (1935ish).

Vandercook No. 1 Proof Press
From 1934 Vandercook and 1935 ATF catalogs

Bed: 14” × 1925½” (1934)
Maximum sheet: 14” × 20” (1935)
Maximum form: 14” × 18” (1934), 13” × 18” (1935)
Floor space: 1’6” × 2’6”
Shipping weight: 260 lb (cabinet 120 lb)

I’d like $500 for it.

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