C & P pilot New Syle

I was earlier asking about the old style floor model- but decided against it because it was just too darn big. Today I bought a C & P Pilot press- New Style. Wondering if anyone has any experience with one of these. The chase is 6.5 x 10- and I’ve been printing a 5.5 x 8.5 image that I would like to keep with. Does anyone know if this size is too big for the chase. I saw on someones web site that he was doing a job that big and it broke his pilot press. he was also saying that the platen needs to be adjusted for (hours) in order for it to print properly that size. Any one know about this? I hope I didn’t make a mistake buying this one. It looks to me like they are in high demand, but what size do people usually print on it? Any other quirks or comments about this press are greatly appreciated!

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Hi Erika,

Just wondering, how much did you get your press for? I’m looking to buy one but don’t know what the going rate is.


you can print the full size of the chase. Just leave room for some furnature to lock up chase. To see if your platen needs adjusted lockup a leter in each of the 4 coners of the chase. Make an impression and see if all letters print well. If not raise or lower the adjusting bolts under the platen. If your press is printing ok this may not be neccessery. Once your press is adjusted it will stay that way for many years. Try to find the book called Elementry platen Presswork or Practice of Printing, both by Ralph W. Polk. These books will tell you everthing you need to know. If you live near Pittsburgh PA I will show you all you will need to know. You can see some of my old time shop on our clubs website at www.portersvillesteamshow.homestead.com or yoou may call me at 724-452-9545. Please call between 5pm and 9pm. Hope this helps

Wayne Young

dlu138- I bought my pilot for $400- used- in working condition- though it needs a cleaning and new rollers. everything else came with it. chases, furniture, quoins, key, tympan paper, paper keys. good luck!

Wayne, thank you so much for the suggestions! I will def. keep my eye out for those books. I don’t live near pittsburgh, but thanks for the offer! will check out the site link.