North Carolina Letterpress Printers ?

Don’t know if anyone has asked this kind of question. But just where are you located & what kind of equipment to you use?
I’m in Burlington, NC. Pilot Press & Kelsey.

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You can open the Yellow Pages link and then sort by location for a start. Some of us aren’t in the YP though.

I’m running an old style C&P 8 by 12 down in Laurinburg.

I did not see the original question, just a reference to the discussion being updated. I’m in Ayden, NC near Greenville. Currently, I’m running 4 Vandercooks, a platen press, and a very large flatbed proof press. I have about 900 cases of foundry type and 125 cases of wood type. Also, a radial router several composing room saws, two Monotype casters and two Ludlows. There is so much miscellaneous stuff in my shop, I can barely walk through it. It’s more rewarding fun than I could ever describe.

Craig Malmrose

I’m in Raleigh, with a commercial letterpress print shop. I have a Swiss Gietz handfed platen, approx. 12x18; German Hohner tabletop, approx. 9x13; 1850s Improved Albion hand press, 18x24. 4 cabinets of European foundry/Monotype type, with nice runs of Bodoni and Delphin, some Helvetica and Akzidenz Grotesque, odds and ends, and 2 blackletter cases - a Klingspor, and one by Rudolph Koch. US type includes Goudy’s Italian Old Style for Lanston Monotype (not the English MT Italian OS), and foundry Meridien. I work with graphic designers, so also use photopolymer plates and digital type. (Previously, I spent 22 years in digital font production for various companies - Autologic, Imagen, IBM, Monotype Imaging.)
Brian Allen
Officina Briani

I’m in Bristol, CT. I’ve got a table top Hohner and a couple of odd and end cases of type.

Just in it for the fun.