pacific northwest + vegas


i’m going on a trip and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for letterpress related stops along the way, or seminars, etc. that might be going on?

here’s the itinerary:
august 20-24 vegas
august 24-26 portland
drive to seattle
august 26-27 seattle
drive to vancouver
august 27-30 vancouver
drive back to seattle
red eye home on sept 1 :-(


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One of the features of the new Briar Press is that it can be searched by location. You can go to the Printer's Yellow Pages and find individuals, museums and other letterpress related stops of interest along your route. Scroll down to “Browse by location.”

If you come up with any suggestions that are not on our list, please feel free to submit them. Have a nice trip! - E.

For starters SVC, Cornish, and Pratt have studios to visit and possibly play in. The last time I was there, John DeNure was quite accessible for 1 on 1 tours of the Thorniley Type Museum. Unfortunately in Kent, but close enough at 30ish minutes from Seattle; call the receptionist at West Coast Paper. Unfortunately you will be missing Typecon2007 but one of their free events is an exhibition of Matthew Carter’s work for Microsoft in their Design Commission Gallery, possibly it is a a public op?! All of the above are definitely worth a Google. Ooh a local “legend” round these parts would be Carl Montford (wood cuts) and I hear he offers affordable one on one sessions in his studio. (I have signed up for his workshop at Typecon2007 and hope to score some digits.) -StaceyB