2 font identification puzzles

Hello. Can anyone help me identify either of these 2 fonts?

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Oops…forgot to attach photos.

image: IMG_3595.jpg


image: IMG_3597.jpg


Bottom photo is Catherdral Text. ATF cast it c.1900, but was a duplicate of Bruce Type Foundry Black No. 400


Top photo shows an unusual script typeface from Keystone Type Foundry called Bulletin. Cast in 4 sizes 14-36 pt. Skyline Type currently makes a revival of this typeface called Charcoal - a stipple-shaded version of Bulletin that was also original to Keystone.

Michael Vickey

Wow! Thank you so much Michael! I am thinning my collection and I’m sure I am going to come across new mysteries as I sort unlabeled cases. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with me.