Moving a Challenge Cutter

I found a Challenge Cutter close to me for $600. It appears to be in great condition and comes with extra blades. I am going to get it but I am worried it will not fit through the doorway. the seller said its about 40” wide, about 48” deep and 24” tall. The actual cutter can be removed from the stand.

Does anyone have this one? Or any ideas about moving it? I was thinking take it off the stand and have a couple guys move it sideways through the doorway?
I am VERY new to this so maybe my idea is totally ridiculous.

Please let me know what you think so I can get back to the seller.

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I moved my guillotine by taking it to bits. The blade is the most dangerous bit so it’s worth removing the blade from the blade block then taking everything else to bits. I took mine in about 8 bits, the main bits being:
- Blade Block
- Two sides of top block
- Table
- Base

It was a one person lift for each bit and it you take it to bits top-down it works out ok. Still bloody heavy though.