Moving a Challenge Cutter

I found a Challenge Cutter close to me for $600. It appears to be in great condition and comes with extra blades. I am going to get it but I am worried it will not fit through the doorway. the seller said its about 40” wide, about 48” deep and 24” tall. The actual cutter can be removed from the stand.

Does anyone have this one? Or any ideas about moving it? I was thinking take it off the stand and have a couple guys move it sideways through the doorway?
I am VERY new to this so maybe my idea is totally ridiculous.

Please let me know what you think so I can get back to the seller.

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So there are a few variables that you need to consider before you go ahead and purchase this cutter.

1- I would say getting the exact model name and make from the seller is crucial as a first step or even go and measure it yourself because the last thing you want is to own and pay for shipping equipment that will get stuck outside and just cause chaos and ruin the whole gig for you. Depending on which model it is, the side tables in most cases can be removed that is if it has them. If the measurements that you provided are accurate that means your doorway needs to be at least 40-45” wide otherwise no side of it can go through.

2- Usually it’s a heavy piece of equipment, nothing that you can or want to carry by hand. Ideally it would be easier if it is shipped on a wooden pallet to your shop however you will need some sort of a lift to get it off of it at some point

3- In case you got it delivered to your ground floor AND it fits through the door, one way of “pushing” it inside would be to use a pinch point bar to lift one side enough to slide in a pipe and to the same on the other side and then slowly roll it on the pipe and remove the pipes from the back onto the front side as you progress

4- It needs to be leveled so once you have it in the final spot that you want it you need to get a leveling meter and use it and if it isn’t perfect then use the pinch bar to lift it and add packing (hard wooden triangles is what I used). Note that I would recommend doing this even if it is leveled so as to remove the chance of it moving ever so slowly in the future so add two in the front and two from the opposite backside that way it’s “stuck” in between them

5- Lastly before you go ahead and purchase it be sure what the power outlet is since a lot(most) of these cutters are 3 phase powered so if you don’t have that you might want to look into options of VFD (variable frequency drive) of course depending on how many horsepower the motor is

A lot of this might be obvious just figured I’d shoot out what came to mind when I was looking into mine. Good luck!