Vandercook No. 4 Pieces that Fell Off

Hi All,

Was using the press this weekend and a couple of pieces fell off the press. I was trying to look at the diagrams but so may pieces look similar. Anyone able to point me in a direction for what this piece is / where it lives on the press / a number?


image: IMG_3615.JPG


image: IMG_3616.JPG


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These look similar to the four pieces found on the lower corners of the carriage that contact the bumper springs at the feed table end and tail of the bed. But your photos seem to indicate a thinner piece of metal. Attached are photos from our Vandercook #4. Where around the press did you find the pieces? I’d be happy to do some more looking.

image: Feed Table.jpg

Feed Table.jpg

image: Tail edge.jpg

Tail edge.jpg

Hi John,

Thank you for the photos and writing back. I checked these plates and they all looked attached. I found it on the opposite side of the crank handle. Near the feed board end of the press. We also had a small metal roller come unscrewed that allows the foot peddle to lift the grippers up, but I was able to re-install that.

Let me know if you are able to find anything similar to the piece!

OH THIS IS GREAT! No no not being mean. We so can relate!! Things just falling off sometimes.

I think we should start a new thread:

“Things that fell of my press” ???

Oh the joy!