Kelsey 5x8 Model U vs Model P

Can anyone clue me in about the differences between the Kelsey 5x8 Model U vs the Model P?

I bought a 5x8 at the LA Printers Fair and just noticed that the handle casting is marked Model P and the press bed casting is marked Model U. Frankenpress…

I’d like to confirm that the Model U bed is compatible with the Model P body. I’m presuming that the body casting is from a Model P as the paint is the same as that on the marked handle casting. The Model U bed is stamped B74G making it a fairly late vintage, but the rest of the press looks quite a bit older.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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They can be changed on those two. each one was hand-fitted with a little grinding to tabs for a good fit. the later bed had set screws and tabs added to bottom for more adjustment.

image: CIMG2113_LI.jpg