Vandercook No. 17

Hi there,

I recently purchased a No. 17 in decent condition, a little rust removal and some minor TLC needed.

But I can’t find _anything_ online about this press. Anybody out there have any experience with one? Know of one in operation?

Specifically, at the moment, I’m stuck even just getting the rollers out.

Any information about the 17 would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Keagan,

I assume you checked the Vandercook blog. Not much there but here is a link

Good hunting.

Ladybones made this very informative video when selling her 17:

I found it a wealth of information when I was working on one. I have pages of schematics that I can send on to you that came from Ladybones.

I have a Vandercook 17. I just got it back into printing shape after letting it sit idle for a while after purchasing it. I’m happy to answer questions if I can!
Packing the cylinder was a bit of a challenge- It has a very deep undercut, so I used an offset blanket (bought as a scrap from a supplier) along with several sheets of pressboard and tympan.

Getting the rollers should be fairly straightforward- make sure the roller assembly is in its lowered (inking) position, lift off the top part that holds the vibrating or oscillating roller, and then unscrew the four screws that hold the two metal pieces that lock down the roller cores.

Thanks for the link to that YouTube video on a Vandercook17. It has a lot of details in it. Over the next year or less I’ll be getting my Vandercook25 back into printing status, which is just like a 17 just larger. (25” across instead of 17” across the bed) There is a far amount of packing on the cylinder and also what looks like an old offset blanket too. Was thinking this was odd, but now understanding this might be normal. THANKS!!! Steve @ Liberty Press