Vandercook No. 3 and misc. letterpress

My wife and I am trying to downsize our studio and we have a Vandercook No. 3 for sale, along with a variety of Vandercook parts and other letterpress supplies. The press has a newly manufactured feed board with two slots for book work, and a gripper bar lever.

Images of the press and other items can be seen here

A detailed list follows, we’d like to sell as much as possible together, but will sell individually. For anything with no prices listed, no reasonable offer will be refused, type in California cases has to be picked up, unfortunately.

Vandercook No. 3 Oldstyle —$7500
good condition, newly manufactured feed board and gripper bar lever, new feed roller. Comes with delivery tray, spare set of form roller cores, dead bar, handy lock up bar, quoin key, type brush, type planer, wrench, screw driver

Press Parts
Form Roller Assembly for a No. 4 — $500

Gripper Bar for a No. 3 or No. 4 — $400

Brass Bearing Blocks for a No. 4 — $150

Head Dead Bar for a No. 3 or No. 4 — $50

Alternate Head Dead Bar for a No. 3 or 4, or maybe a SP-15 — $50

Type and Cuts
Pink Type Cabinet
10 drawers, 12.5×17, each has 2 cases. 16 have early 20th / late 19th century type in them. The other four are empty.

43 Cases of Type, 40 in Double Wide Cabinet

Type in galleys as pictured

4 Trays of cuts

Composing Room Supplies
Mostly full midget furniture cabinet, 10–60, 5 pieces per space

Box of metal furniture, 9×5.5 three levels

Box of wood and metal furniture

Box of wood and metal furniture

Box of wood and metal furniture

Box of wood furniture

Box of 70 pica wood and metal furniture

Box of irregular furniture

Box of Wickersham quoins, 9×5.5

Box of quoins

12 steel galleys

Spacing cabinet topper

Two leading cabinet toppers (leading not included)

List of type in California Cases
Liberty 12pt
Liberty 14pt
Liberty 18 pt
Liberty 30 pt
Park Avenue 12 pt
Park Avenue 30 pt
Park Avenue 42 pt
Goudy Old Style 6 pt
Goudy Old Style 8 pt
Goudy Old Style Italic 10 pt
Goudy Old Style 10 pt
Goudy Old Style 12 pt
Goudy Old Style 12 pt
Goudy Old Style 12 pt caps and italic caps
Goudy Old Style 14 pt
Goudy Old Style 18 pt
Goudy Old Style 18 pt italic
Goudy Old Style 24
Goudy Old Style 30 pt
Cheltenham Bold 10 pt
Cheltenham Bold 12 pt
Cheltenham Bold Italic 14 pt
Cheltenham Italic 18 pt
Cheltenham Bold 18 pt
Cheltenham Bold 30 pt
Old English ?? pt
Old English 30 pt
Old English 18 pt
Raleigh Cursive 18 pt
Lydian 12 pt
Copperplate 12 pt
Typo Roman Shaded 18 pt
Caslon 471 Swash and Quaints 8 pt
Rivoli 14 pt
French Plate Script 18 pt
Century Schoolbook 10 pt
Keynote 24 pt
Cooper Black 24 pt
Keystone 36 pt (is this Keynote?)

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