Kels 6x10 Roller & Impress Help Needed

This is for my 6x10 Kelsey Model X. The issues I’m having are keeping consistent roller arm pressure so that the trucks actually stay against the rails and roll on the rails. I also am only getting a partial impression from my type (middle third across. top third and bottom third faint/not marking)

The platen screws had to be replaced, so I’m sure that’s out of whack. In my own attempts to troubleshoot, I tried adjusting that, adjusting the spring tension on the roller arms, taping the rails, and adjusting the packing. Hoping that maybe someone will notice something that’s obvious to a more experienced press person than is to my amateur eye. I appreciate any advice anyone can give

Here’s the link to my google drive with videos of the press operating:—SiBlpvy0q3DJngzQKAiCXJdYT

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