Chandler & Price 8x12 New Style Press + Accessories

C&P New Style 8x12 letterpress (1926, serial # B59771) in great working condition with variable speed 110V electric motor and foot treadle (whichever you’re in the mood for!). New(ish) rollers on Delrin trucks.

Also comes with the following:
Pony Ink Fountain
Additional roller cores
2 Boxcar bases (1 deep-relief and 1 standard)
3 Chases
6 Challenge Hi-speed Quoins
Miscellaneous Leading, Wood Furniture, and Metal Furniture
Kort Adjustable Quads + Extra Tongues
Compressible Gage Pins

Located in print shop near O’Hare (Franklin Park, IL). Local pickup preferred.

Asking $1600

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