Vandercook Form Roller Flanged Sleeve Bearing

I got lucky with McMaster order despite my shoddy measurements, after being told this would be a hard find by the guy @ a local bearing shop so here are some details.

Vandercook 232P form roller flanged sleeve bearing, 7/8” shaft 1/2” length 1281N26

Says dry-running but hey, they seem to work fine lubed.

The ones with yellow’sh color are the old worn-out (and missing) bushings. The white ones are the new ones.

The pics get downsampled on the server so all the pics are loaded here:

McMaster link:

[ flanged bushing, flanged sleeve bearings, NYLINER ]

image: 1281nc1-d03c-digital-master1569533409-p9@1x_637051230268190397.jpg

[email protected]_637051230268190397.jpg

image: IMG_4280.jpg


image: IMG_5895.jpg


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