Victoria parallel platen press

The Rock­stroh-Werke AG of Hei­de­nau built these fantastic machines prior to WWII

German built art platen c.1930.

Much sought after by fine printers for their even impression and superb inking.

Easy to operate, with adjustable roller rail height, central impression weight, brake etc.

This is the A3 model (platen 420 x 300 mm). Comes with two chases and side tables.

Large single phase variable speed electric motor. Domestic 3 pin plug. 1.5HP. 

The press has been in continual use and is well maintained – no work needed.

The machine can be lifted onto pallet for collection near Durham. 

If a buyer is on the east between Kent and Northumberland, shared delivery might be possible.

Only selling as I have an eye on a slightly larger machine. If I’d the space, I’d be keeping this one.

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image: victoria.jpeg


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