Bruce’s Design Patent No. 1

In my 1869 Bruce specimen book, the face having Design Patent No. 1 is noted as Double Small Pica Script, showing the size as about 22-points. Later specimens started listing the scripts with a number—this one being Script No. 2000, I think. The size that I have is Great Primer Script (17-pt.), as shown here:
If you increase the image magnification it shows two characters with the raised-letters of the Bruce Type Foundry on the shoulders. My question is: Does any other collector on this list have the 22-pt. size and can confirm the same lettering? I believe that it may be the first US metal type with identification.

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I found my small font of Bruce’s Double Small Pica (22) point Script, but it appears to be a later casting with the size noted in the pin-mark. It does have the flat shoulders of the smaller size but no wording on them. I took a photo of both index cards for comparison. The 22 does not have the alternate characters of the smaller size, either, so I am still hoping to find an earlier casting to compare.
Dave Greer