Vintage (Pre-1956) Cobb Shin Stock Cuts flier assortment

These were purchased from a letterpress enthusiast who in turn acquired them from a print shop. Despite their condition I’ve seen similar sheets sell on ebay at higher prices for less quantity.

Most of the sheets are cut into (the original owners of them used the images as clip art), but there are a number of sheets that are intact.

While there is also a number of duplicates, overall there are hundreds of stock cuts, captioned cartoons, stock photos, ad builders, etc. that are a nostalgic look at print advertising from the late-40s through the mid-50s.

Some splitting and fraying on many of the handled sheets but again, there is a lot of usable images.

With this in mind you buy them “as-is” - no guarantee of usability is expressed or implied by this ad offering.

The lot is as least 3/4 inch thick, representing dozens upon dozens of printed pages.

$75 gets the lot carefully packaged and shipped for free via Priority Mail within 48 hours of your cleared PayPal payment.

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