Hamilton Cabinet Pica Gauge Font/Figures

Howdy. I am laser-recreating the pica gauges attached to Hamilton furniture and reglet cabinets as mine are missing. Anyone out there able to identify the font used for the figures/numbers? The numeral ‘1’ seems unique. See attached.

Let me know if anyone needs replacements/new, I will be engraving these as soon as I discover the font, or substitute something close, and can make extras.


image: HamiltonCabinetPicaGauge_IMG_8743.jpg


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The closest metal typefaces that I can think of are Blair (Gothic) and Mitchell from ATF, although not precisely the same.

As a quick substitute, maybe consider one of the lighter versions of Copperplate Gothic.

Michael Vickey
Nickel Plate Press

thanks Michael

Late to the party here but I might be interested depending on cost. Have a need for a couple.


hey Dan, free to you sir, just for asking, just pay for the shipping, send me an email


Most likely the face was hand-drafted originally, and then an engraving master (or masters) produced from that draft. I doubt you’ll find a modern, electronic typeface that really matches it. Bitstream Gothic 725 comes close, but isn’t quite the same. Same for Akzidenz Grotesk. You may be able to use one of them and modify it to get closer to the original, though.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Thanks Michael - I will compare those fonts.