I Love the new site. I have a question. I have a over a hundred .eps files that I downloaded a long time ago from oneart/bpress and then later at There did not used to be a limitation on usage. In fact the old TOS was:

CONTAINED HEREIN are over one hundred oldstyle ornaments, borders, and initials reborn as postscript art. From actual cuts and old printers’ specimen books we scanned each image, repaired any defects, changed it into a vector (line) image, and converted it into a crisp EPS file that you are free to use and distribute. The thumnails shown are not the actual size or clarity of the images. In order to resize and add color to some of the images, or to construct the borders and frames, a proficiency in illustration applications such as Adobe Illustrator may be required. All the images are royalty-free. See the Usage Ideas page for more details.

As a result I used a lot of these (and still have been although infrequently) in ads and mailers and labels for clients. I was looking for something today and was looking through some .eps files and figured I would look for Briarpress and got redirected to the new site. I now see the new TOS reads:

Cuts and Caps. You may download any postscript graphic files provided in the “Cuts & Caps” portion of the Briar Press Web Site for your personal, non-commercial use, at no charge, provided that any such use credits Briar Press as the source of the material and includes the Briar Press URL: Commercial use of the postscript files requires the express written permission of Briar Press.

Do I need to worry about all the old work floating around that uses these under the old TOS. I know I have a few clients still using them, in fact one is still being used in her Yellow page ad for her art gallery.

Thanks! And keep up the good work.

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