Australian letterpress folks?

Hi I’m new to Briar Press! I’ve managed to find a spot to setup, and I want to get into letterpress and hand pulled screenprint for my music posters (

I’m ideally looking to buy or even just spend some time with a Australian Letterpress enthusiast - I’m hoping that someone who is connected might be able help me start to find the things to get setup for hobby letterpress locally. I will obviously use Briar Press as it seems like an amazing resource.

I’m located in Hobart, but anyone who is in Australia who might be able to point me in the direction of some affordable gear I would love to hear from you. I’m about to put together a want ad to stick in the paper, but I thought maybe a forum like this would be a good way to find some like minded folks.

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Hi Funnelbc.
Went to have a look at your posters at your site and like them a lot. Clean, bold and sharp. Have not been in beautiful downtown Hobart in a lot of years but like it a lot. Especially waterfront eateries. I have some contacts in Melb. and Newcastle with large format (up to A2) letterpress proof presses possibly available and will be happy to tic-tak with you on heaps of other mutually beneficial agenda. I trade qualified in Letterpress Printing in ADL. in 1968 and love it all still, even though I have not been employed in that area for over 30 years. I run a nice little hobby operation in Darwin with mostly Adanas (up to 10 x 8”) and a Vandy that needs a lot of money spent on it. Have some much treasured wooden type up to 6 line ( 160cm high).
Hope to be in Tas. for a break in the next year or so but feel free to contact me anytime on: [email protected] in the meantime.
Passionate letterpress printers in Oz seem to be a real rareity.


Hello! Im also an Australian graphic designer in love with letterpress.

I have just acquired at Sterling tabletop (similar to a Pilot) and next week picking up a C&P Oldstyle as well. It has been a long process to find good equipment in a good condition. Also being so very heavy and hard to move, finding equipment locally has been a determining factor when searching for equipment. But persevere with your search. It will be worth the wait and effort when you can finally bring home your own press!

Presses are definitely few and far between here in Australia. I guess being such a small country one hundred odd years ago not that many presses were bought over here so its a hard slog to find one these days.

It has been a challenge to try and find any letterpress courses. Best bet is to find a lovely old printer to be your mentor!

All the best with your search!

Woah its been ages since I’ve checked in at Briar Press. I’ve just been starting to clear my workload and am keen to persue a press somewhere here in Australia.

Grant I will definitely drop you an email, sorry for the tardy reply!

Thankyou also to bespoke for your reply!

I’m in Canberra, and very keen; am just setting up my own print studio as I type this. It’s very hard to find good equipment in Australia, as you may well know. Usually type and machines are scrapped, but keeping an eye on ebay and also enrolling at Grays Auctions can get really good results:

I’m always on the hunt for wood type, but that seems to be all snaffled to make stupid wall plaques and the like, or people sell it on ebay letter by letter (sigh!).

Anyway, if you come to Canberra, you’re very welcome to drop by. I was in Tassie about a year ago — I wish I’d known you were there!

Also — doesn’t the art school in Hobart have a great letterpress set-up? Pop in and see what they can do for you. And the Mercury Print Museum in town there is often offered printing equipment, so give them your details and see what comes up… they have a great assortment of presses and type. I gave them my card, but I’m a bit far away to nag them :)

Hi Ampersand Duck thanks for your reply! I keep an eye on Grays, but usually find lots of offset stuff and not so much of the older style gear, but it’s a good reminder though!

The art school is actually what planted the seed in my brain about letterpress, when I did first year design, I also did printmaking, and ever after I’ve thought about it! Getting access to their setup is difficult as a non student and I have tried several times but no joy!

Drop me an email if you’re back in Hobart, I’d love to catch up! nat at ausmusician dot com

I shall definitely visit the mercury print museum, that’s fantastic tip!

I’m hoping to buy a C&P press if there are any available. Have been thinking about buying from O/S, but would prefer to be able to buy here in Australia! If you have one, or know where I might be able to acquire one, your assistance would be greatly appreciated!