Sigwalt Chicago no.11 Gripper Bar Spring

Does anyone on Briarpress have an operational Sigwalt Chicago no. 11 and if so, would any of you be willing to post a photo or video of the gripper bar and spring? The press I have seems to have its gripper bar assembly intact, but had what appears to be a spring dangling from the gripper bar with nothing attached.

Also, If this was already a thread that exists, please point me that way.

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On both my Sigwalts, the gripper bar spring attaches to a little pin-eye, which is on the base of the press about halfway between the mounting holes, on the left side- have a look there

Trust these photos help.

image: IMG_7104.JPG


image: IMG_7103.JPG


image: IMG_7105.JPG


Moana Press,

Thank you, that’s what the spring looked like (with a lot of rust and corrosion) when I first got the press. Is it just pressure and friction holding the spring onto the bar? My gripper bar is quite corroded and I can’t see if there was a hole originally through it.


I’m not seeing what you’re referring to, what Sigwalt presses do you have?

Both mine are larger versions I guess, they have actual springs, sorry for the misdirection.


no problem! I assumed as much—thank you anyway!

The other end is secured with a hook formed by bending the spring over the cam with two right angles.

image: IMG_7116.JPG


Moana Press,

Perfect, thank you. I just got it going again, works great.