Kelsey Tabletop Press + Small Shop Supplies

I am closing down my home shop! I no longer have room or time to use it anymore. Looking for a good home!
- Kelsey 8x10 table top press
- New rollers
- New boxcar base
- 15+ drawers - most full of lead type
- Full furniture cabinet (mostly wood and some metal)
- Various inks and ink mixing supplies
- A lot of paper - mostly Crane’s Lettra
- 1 Chase, quoins, keys, wood type, etc. all the essentials for setting type and running this table top press.
- Tympan paper
- Tabletop mini shop press that I am not sure what it is called that I have and it came with a mini metal cabinet full of old wood and metal type that is really beautiful
Everything is in good shape and has only been used a handful of times. I prefer a local pickup in the DFW area, but if you need delivery I will need you to provide all info on how to do that (because I do not know how to deliver this)!

I am asking $2500 OBO - message me any offers
McKinney, Texas (in DFW area)

Link to facebook post with more pictures:

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