Arab Foolscap: Roller Specs / Chases / Etc

Hope all are well.
We recently took on a new press, an Arab foolscap
It’s in good condition, no parts missing, but it could do with its rollers recovering. Am I right in thinking that the specs for the rollers would be pretty much the same dia as the trucks?
The leather runners are a bit worn, so am planning to use the mag tape as per others’ posts on Briar. Any other tips?
Also, if anyone has a lead on any spare chases pls let me know, we could do with an extra. Thanks in advance!

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I make mine same size truck and rubber. some adjustment with tape on trucks if needed. or check with some type in chase and put a straight edge across rails the type should stick out a littler for same size truck and rubber.

Hello Simon, I replaced the worn leather straps by new ones and used some paste and strips of card to bring them up to the correct height. Using the leather straps allows you to really get them to fit tightly on the rails.You can find more out about it in the manual of the Arab presses.
The last page of the manual:
Good luck!

My rollers are:

Overall shaft length 18 & 5/16”

The stub at the end of the shaft is 1/2” diameter for 42mm
The internal shaft diameter is 15.5mm
The roller diameter is 1 3/4” or 44.45mm