Decorated Initials

Can anyone please help with identification of these fonts shown on the attached rough proof?
The I, S, O (I also have a T, not proofed) belong together. The N is a slightly different design.
All the characters are metal, with a double nick, and are marked NOLSAC 75 x 75 (the size in points).
The I, S and O are additionally marked with ‘48’, the N with ‘60’.
There’s a resemblance to Cloister Initials?
I only have the 5 individual letters, found in a job lot of oddments I ‘inherited’. Unfortunately the only Otis I know is the neighbour’s dog, who has hitherto shown no interest in letterpress!
Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hopefully image now attached - having a few problems with this (and I have deleted spaces and symbols from the file name).

OK, the issue was the file size. Now reduced and (fingers crossed! - attached.

image: DecInitials.JPG