Uneven Impressions

I have recently purchased an Adana 8/5 and am wondering if anyone has been experiencing problems with getting even impressions on paper? I have put my form in the middle of the chase and found that it’s usually the bottom half of the form that gives an impression on the paper. I have tried to adjust the back of the
press so that the plate moves at the top in the hopes that it will make contact with the paper. I still wasn’t able to get a bite in the paper for the top half of the form. It was suggested to me that I put a letter in each corner of the chase and adjust the back of the plate accordingly - this testing method hasn’t been working for me. I’ve also tried to put more packing behind my card stock to no avail. Any suggestions?

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It’s just a thought but, perhaps you might try releasing some of the pressure toward the bottom of the platen. If your pressure is uneven it may require adjustment from both the top and the bottom.

If you already have a strong impression from the bottom half of the forme then adding more packing will only accentuate the discrepancy. The suggestion that you have had to place a large character in each corner of the chase is a good one. It can be quite a balancing act to get the type bed set, but worth it in the end. Try to use as little impression/pressure as possible to get the balance just right. Make sure that the type bed is not able to rock about. Hope this helps, they’re great little machines when working properly. Good luck with your printing.

Thanks kellypress and Mike.

we’ll see how this works out!